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The extensive range of frames that we have in stock makes it easy to find the most suitable for you. The variety in style and price does not compromise the quality of our frames. Whereas trying to find a stylish solution, your lens requirements also need to be considered. Our skilled and experienced staff will help and advise you throughout the whole process, to ensure that you leave our store assured that you have made a good purchase. Here are just a few examples of what you can find in store:

~ Eyewear for computer users
~ Designer frames
~ Prescription sunglasses with UV protection
~ Children's eyecare
~ Sports glasses

~ Thinner lightweight lenses
~ Anti-reflection and scratch-resistant lens coatings
~ Varifocal lenses

Our Workshop!

Our workshop is fully equipped with the latest glass and plastic lens cutting equipment and can provide a one-stop solution for all of your eyecare needs.

Once you select the frame of your choice, we manufacture your glasses on our premises. This means that it takes less time for them to be ready, and should any problem occur, it can be fixed on the spot.

Our specialists are always at your service!